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Jim Eatroff

Personal Trainer
New York, NY 10001



  • 127 West 25th Street, 4th Floor
    New York City, NY 10001

Personal statement

"We provide a complete training approach based on high intensity, low volume principles, tailored to meet your unique needs. We teach you the appropriate exercise combinations, number of sets and number of repetitions. Copying a simplified version of what worked for someone else cannot compare with a program we designed just for you. Personal Training is now available with the latest technological training tool: The VibroGym! Whether you're training for an event, recovering from injury, need a little extra motivation, or just want more from your workout, our dedicated team of Personal Trainers are here to help. We work with you to build a Personal Training plan, focusing on your individual goals and incorporating all of the essential elements for an effective workout: Stretching and Flexibility - essential for preventing injury, improving posture and motion and enhancing performance Core Stabilization - vital stabilization techniques to build a strong torso and lower back, improving stability and preventing injury Balance Stabilization - building strength in core muscles for maximum stability to improve performance Reactive Stabilization - improving reaction times and performance by building strength and increasing range of movement Integrated Strength Training - improving all round muscular strength to build performance and power Our Personal Trainers give you the best possible guidance for an effective and safe workout, and are always on hand to offer advice or adapt your workout if necessary. "


"4.0 grade point average in college courses in Human Biology, Anatomy, Physiology, Physical Education. American Academy of Health & Fitness Professional: Certified Medical Exercise Specialist; Certified Post-Rehab Conditioning Specialist American Council on Exercise: Certified Personal Trainer National Academy of Sports Medicine: Certified Trainer Nautilus: Certified Trainer National Strength and Conditioning Association: Professional Member since 1995 "

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