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Mike Davies

Personal Fitness Trainer
Columbus, OH 43234



  • PO Box 340466
    Columbus, OH 43234

Personal statement

"Mike Davies in currently the owner of The Fitness Factory. The Fitness Factory is involved with over 300 clients worldwide, helping people meet their physical and professional goals through diet, training and cardiovascular programs. Mike is one of the most recognized trainers in the world today in the sport of competitive fitness, figure and bodybuilding. With 13 qualified athletes preparing for the 2005 Ms. Olympia and a clientele list that includes the reigning Ms Olympia, Adela Garcia, and reigning Ms. International, Jen Hendershott, it's not a mistake that The Fitness has become so successful. Mike's success is not limited to the realm of sports, as you can see by the numerous before and after photos within this site. With 14 years of experience and a list of amateur and professional champions a mile long, you cannot go wrong with The Fitness Factory. Mike has clients ranging from eighteen to sixty years of age, so individual goals certainly vary. Mike trains 15 hours per day and helps people reach a variety of goals, including: Losing Weight Gaining Muscle Mass Toning Building Strength Competing "


Certified Personel Trainer

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